Thursday, September 3, 2009

One Winged Butterfly

Why yes, I'm a nerd.... ;)

Now I want to go play FF 7.  If you don't understand, take faith in the fact that I'm a bigger nerd than you.

1st post!

Whoot!  I hope to keep this going.  We shall see....

Mia, Summer, and I have moved in our new apartment.  I miss the other three but I know I'll see them soon.  The girls love the apartment and love campus even more.  I don't understand their love for school but okay
.  The apartment looks nice to me.  It's a big step up considering I never did a thing with my last apartment.

The best part though is the view:

I will probably be posting backwards at first and sharing things from the past as well as the future.  I started one of these earlier but never got around to really using it.  So here's a fresh new start, Hurrah!  I'm sure this will be mostly about dogs, art, photography and school.